How to upload resume to LinkedIn

Your profile page and employer’s job application page, which maintains a LinkedIn website, are two areas of LinkedIn where you can upload your resume. According to LinkedIn, more than three million enterprises maintain a LinkedIn company page, and the number of registered users exceeds 300 million, which makes the website an effective platform for finding work and establishing contacts with your colleagues. When you upload your resume via the Job Application page, the website attaches your resume to an application for an available position. However, when you upload it through a profile page, the website retrieves the relevant information from your resume to fill out your LinkedIn profile.

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How to make a good resume

Recently, among many personnel specialists, there is an apparent contradiction in the question of whether it is worth writing at all about personal qualities in your own resume. Some argue that there is no need and just enough to get by with professional skills and abilities, but others dispute this decision, suggesting that some managers put them on one line and judge the candidate in general, realizing that a person is able to self-assess himself.

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How to add resume to LinkedIn

1. Photography

The first thing that a recruiter sees, or anyone else who comes to look at your LinkedIn profile, is a photo in the upper left corner. In addition, 90% of HR managers say they check the social pages of candidates, especially on LinkedIn and Facebook, before inviting them for an interview. Therefore, the picture on the page in the network is your brand. This means that the wrong photo can harm you and cause rejection. Therefore, before uploading a photo, make sure that the photo meets the following criteria:

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