How to add resume to LinkedIn

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1. Photography

The first thing that a recruiter sees, or anyone else who comes to look at your LinkedIn profile, is a photo in the upper left corner. In addition, 90% of HR managers say they check the social pages of candidates, especially on LinkedIn and Facebook, before inviting them for an interview. Therefore, the picture on the page in the network is your brand. This means that the wrong photo can harm you and cause rejection. Therefore, before uploading a photo, make sure that the photo meets the following criteria:

  • current (not older than five years)
  • colored
  • neutral background / plain light
  • full face / upper torso
  • business style clothing
  • friendly smile

Remember that the first impression you make on a recruiter is expressed in the choice of your photo!


The next thing that recruiters see after a photo is your last name, first name, profession and field of activity. The title is limited to 120 characters, so it is essential to write not only the name of the position held but also the keywords that describe your skills.

General information

In this section, you can write in more detail about yourself, your skills and achievements. There are restrictions on the number of characters here, too, and you should use this space effectively. Your task is to provide the full information about yourself to the recruiter and draw his attention to your profile. Your goal is to give only what you need and avoid what the recruiter should not know.

Work experience

You can transfer your resume with a description of the companies in which you worked and the duties that you performed in this section, immediately following the “General Information” section. In addition, be sure to include your achievements. Try to ensure that your work experience does not look like a biography with dry dates, a list of companies and positions.


Adding skills makes your profile more visible when searching. You can choose up to 50 qualifications listed on your job list. A list of skills is available to your friends and colleagues who can optionally confirm that you own them. The more such confirmations you receive for each skill, the better.