How to list skills on a resume

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At its core, a resume is a document that is first viewed quickly and fluently. You have only 2-3 minutes to interest the employer and explain why your candidacy should be the main one when considering the issue of employment.

There are several essential secrets for its design, which even experts insist.

Secrets of the resume

Firstly, we use A4 paper, and we prepare the document so that it fits on one page.

Secondly, we work only with thick paper, choosing not brand ink and preferably a laser printer. This is due to the fact that it may be necessary to send it by mail or fax, make a copy or pin it into the folder and with all these manipulations, the text may rub, the paper can be creased, and the paint may crumble.

Thirdly, you should not even think about creating a resume, making out the text by hand. Not all handwriting is easy to read, and no one will understand the written.

Fourth, you need to print on one side of the sheet, without using frames, drawings, large signs and photos. It distracts from the core and makes it difficult to concentrate on the essence.

Fifth, it is necessary to compile it on your language. Even if a situation arises in which it will be necessary to find a job in a foreign company, it will initially fall on the table to English-speaking specialists and only then will be available to foreigners. Your task is to conquer the management team, first in your own language.

Now, based on the previously read information, it becomes clear how to create a resume for applying for a job on the model, what to write, and then what is not harmful to refuse.

In any case, when creating your business card, it is essential to remember that its style should be businesslike, it is still a document on which opinion will be formed about you and your qualities. It should be attractive enough so that even at first glance, there is a desire to necessarily invite you for an interview and a vacant open position.